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Through the Eyes of the Lion: Training Day 19 and 180+ New Sponsors!

Last weekend, we packed our bags and visited Real de Catorce to train. Our dear friend and host German Silva led the team in this adventure. We were also joined by Alex Lohr from FloTrack. Real de Catorce is a magical place and the views were breathtaking. While I ran through the hills, German noticed that my step was a bit off. I had never done any training in such terrain so he gave me helpful tips for trail running. On the way back on the road we found a nice creek bed where Knox and I decided to try our newly acquired skills. It has been an exciting two weeks and I have just completed Day 19 of altitude...

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Through the Eyes of the Lion: A Glimpse of Hope

Today's training First of all, thank you for visiting my new blog. When I began this new endeavor, I was not sure how it would work or if it would be worthwhile. I was also afraid I would be forced to stop running if I did not take action, so I decided to take the risk. I was fortunate to have the help of friends who believed in my idea and gave me the encouragement and help to figure it out. Since I wanted to be completely involved in the project and did not have much money to risk, we began meeting in the evenings doing most of the planning since August. Though it took some time, we were moving...

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