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Importance of Hydration As You Train by Leo Manzano

The Importance of Hydration As You Train by Leo Manzano This blog brought to you by Ember by Cercacor - Things to know.. How is your hydration? How and when do you hydrate? Are there differences in hydration depending on time of day vs weather or seasonal changes? So you are training to run your first race or perhaps your 100th race, and although nutrition is highly important something that is easily passed up is hydration. Whether you’re racing a mile or 100miles you have to make sure that you are properly hydrated so that your body keeps working efficiently. When you start taking into account the many variables, including mileage in running, altitude,  potentially types of food or vitamins...

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Altitude Training with Ember

Altitude training or training at different levels of altitude has significant effects on the body.  Some of those changes are good others are things to be cautious or be alert about so that your training does not suffer. Learning to maneuver through those changes beforehand was not easy, but currently with Ember by Cercacor, a device which helps measure many body level changes or parameters it is now easier to keep track of those changes. When I am at altitude there are certain  parameters I always want to keep in mind. These parameters for me include Hemoglobin, PVI (Hydration), Pulse Rate and a few others which can also vary from person to person. Usually people have their favorite indicators/parameters they like...

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