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After Altitude Training, It Is Time to Spike it Up and Enjoy the Camel City Mile

Jan 30, 2015


Leonel Manzano

 After completing 26 days of altitude training in San Luis Potosí, I have returned for my first race of 2015, the JDL Fast Track Camel City Mile in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Today, I attended the Elite Athlete Meet and Greet and had the chance to meet wonderful people. I enjoyed the event and cannot wait to race tomorrow.
My training this month was very productive thanks to the guidance of my coach, great teammates, and the SLP community that made my stay so confortable and enjoyable. I have been going back to San Luis since 2009 for training because it has suitable altitude locations, delicious food that reminds me of my mother’s cooking, great life-long friends, great training facilities and nearby rural towns with the best running terrain ideal for my long runs, and one of the most important factors – perfect running weather. It’s sunny weather, this time of the year, made the days so much more pleasant.
I feel good and with a renowned sense of accomplishment for having kept a consistent rhythm of training last year that gave me good results in my race performances. This year, I want to focus on continuing with that consistency and make changes as needed, because regardless of how well you are doing, there is always room for improvement. When I began altitude training tis month, I felt the increased level of difficulty, but was able to adjust to the altitude rather quickly thanks to all the work I had put in last Fall.
Part of my satisfaction from training this year stems from the fact that I managed to keep myself motivated before, during, and after the workouts. In running, as well as with other situations in life, staying motivated is not always an easy task, but it is definitely an essential factor in achieving your goal. Life, with its ups and downs, can be discouraging at times. For me, however, perseverance has been key. I remind myself that when either an obstacle, an unrelated issue that is causing stress, or any adverse situation arises, it is best to confront it and find a solution. Even when the outcome is not the one I had wished, it is best to solve the problem and not allow it to cause me to sidetrack or move me away from my goals.
Last year, I truly had faith that if I performed my job to the best of my ability, the circumstances would change. The experience taught me a great lesson – to not be afraid of uncertainty, and instead, to have patience and do the best I could, one day at a time, without losing sight of the goal, while at the same time, being realistic and aware that it would require sacrifices and a lot of work from my part. My family, friends, and fans enabled me to remain patient and motivated and made a huge difference in my life. As a result, I have learned to really appreciate the great people around me more than ever. Now that thanks to HokaOneOne and Timex, I have the support that has enabled me to continue my career as well as a great team taking good care of me, it is time for me to continue working hard and deliver results.
Thank you for being by my side and for caring about my training update. My goal for this weekend is to enjoy the race, make it enjoyable for those of you watching, and as always, do my best.
If you would like to attend the meet, adult admissions for each day are $6, $4 for Students, and it’s FREE for Kids 12 and under! I hope to see you there!
For those of you unable to attend, the race will also be livestreamed. Visit the JDL Fast Track website for schedules, ticket information, and more.


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    Keep it up you are doing well as you said life has ups and downs never give up.I have found strength in the darkest moments when I suffered panic attacks.I have been fighting with this for almost four years and believe me it gets hard.I was an amateur runner long ago and this has helped me when I feel really bad.Running makes you strong in spirit as well.If you read this Id like you to know that watching your race at the Olympics gives me strength and hope.Best wishes and Keep running hard.

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