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 Training has gone well and happy to say on top of my shoe sponsor HokaOneOne I have been using another training tool Ember by Cercacor to help me achieve those perfect training and racing results.   Pictured Ember and the Hoka Tracer Just like everyone has to fine tune their car and know how its running. I cannot start my day if there are a few things I don’t know. First, what is my heart rate, second what are my hemoglobin levels, and third what is my hydration level. Of course there are other factors that I look at in my training but these are my main three. Although the top two bio markers are very important there is one...

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The Real People of McFarland USA

The Real people of McFarland USA-You may remember the Disney Movie McFarland USA, the story about a high school cross country team who defied the odds. They had to work in the fields in the early morning and still had to find time to train in a rural community in California. The McFarland team went on to win various State Titles. PC: Erik Aguilar Last weekend, I had the pleasure to visit McFarland, California. It had been a trip that I had been meaning to take and we were finally able to make it happen!! As we showed up to the venue, there were already about 150 people ready to hear us speak and it was exciting to meet people...

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Training insights with Ember By Cercacor

When I first began testing Ember by Cercacor, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Ember is a training tool used to measure blood levels and blood data non-invasively.   In full-on training mode, I have always checked my blood levels by heading to a clinic and paying around $300 and waiting anywhere from 5-7 days to get my full results back. So having this new tool Ember by Cercacor was totally new. It took a measure of my blood levels instantly without needles and at a reading cost of less than $3 dollars per reading. Above all I hate needles so how cool is it that it draws no blood!?!!As I began using the product I only...

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