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Training & Race talk with exciting announcements!

Training & Race talk with exciting announcements!

Dec 16, 2017


Leonel Manzano

 Training has gone well and happy to say on top of my shoe sponsor HokaOneOne I have been using another training tool Ember by Cercacor to help me achieve those perfect training and racing results.


Pictured Ember and the Hoka Tracer

Just like everyone has to fine tune their car and know how its running. I cannot start my day if there are a few things I don’t know. First, what is my heart rate, second what are my hemoglobin levels, and third what is my hydration level. Of course there are other factors that I look at in my training but these are my main three. Although the top two bio markers are very important there is one that we tend to overlook, because its easily overlooked. That my friends is the hydration aspect.

How do I check my hydration levels you may ask? Simple every day I check my blood levels with Ember by Cercacor (no needles). Depending on how my Perfusion Index is, it tells me how hydrated I am. On average my Ember gives me a reading of about 9-12PVI which tells me I am within my range of hydration. Of course I have had instances where my PVI is higher which means my hydration levels are lower. If it is lower than 9 this is telling me that I am well hydrated.


Of course a few things I cant leave out of my training are still my hemoglobin, which recently since I have not been at altitude are a bit lower than usual (normally 15) but is higher since my fitness is coming around.

Recently I have been averaging a resting heart rate of approximately 47 which is really good for me. One day though after waking up I took a first of day reading and had a 42 R-PR!! This was an incredibly good sign since this means that the fitness is coming.


(A reading a few days before my race)

Also if you guys didn’t know I recently had my rust-buster at Texas A&M, not sure if you guys had the chance to watch the video but here it is. It was quite the race! Congrats to Donavan Brazier on his first sub-four. This was my fastest rust-buster in December ever! So looking to slingshot into the new year.

On that note I hope you all have safe Happy Holidays and an incredible entry to the New year! Race link here:


Confirmed the JDL Track Meet Saturday Feb 3rd.

Manzano Mile is back Saturday Feb. 17th in conjunction with the Austin Marathon. Register here: Link

For Christmas don’t forget to buy your Hoka’s & so you know there is 20% percent discount on Ember until 12/21/17 !! Don’t miss out!



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